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Tatami Fightwear Dweller Fight Shorts Men's

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High quality sport clothing that will help you perform at your best when you purchase with Tatami.

  • Tatami Fightwear Fight Shorts are soft, stretchy and breathable, crafted with sweat wicking polyester material to optimise both comfort and performance.
  • Shorts are meticulously crafted with a finely stitched, athletic fit, using lightweight, stretchy and breathable polyester material. The honeycomb lattice of the material will add strength to the clothing, and the waist features a high quality strap system for an optimum fit.
  • Shorts are good for Martial Arts, Jiu Jitsu, Grappling, Boxing, Fitness and everyday sport trainings. Shorts prevents painful irritation.
  • Anyone who has fought on the BJJ mat without a pair of protective shorts knows the pain of rashes, fabric burns, cuts and other irritations on the skin. With Tatami Fightwear lightweight and flexible Shorts, you can prevent these painful inflictions without compromising on your fighting ability on the mat.