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Hardcore Training Rash Guard Kids Cyber 2.0

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COMFORT FLEXIBILITY: Hardcore Training has created this high-quality Rash Guard to offer your kid full flexibility, freedom, and protection during any special training. The premium fabric consists of 88% Polyester and 12% Spandex.

SECOND SKIN FEELING: Our Rash Guard is ultra-tight to a perfect fit on your body allowing you to move freely and exercise .

THERMAL COMPRESSION SHIRT: Hardcore Training Spandex Long Sleeve Shirt is suitable for all Sports Indoors and Outdoors; it will warm you before training and cool you during breaks.

6 years - 110-116 cm height

8 years - 122-128 cm height

10 years - 134 - 140 cm height

12 years - 140 - 146 cm height

14 years - 152-158 cm height