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Hardcore Training Night Camo 2.0 Rash Guard Men's

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Sleek, comfortable and ideally fitted for athletes, compression shirt will immediately become your go-to base layer. Highest quality materials in the market and tested fabric combinations to determine the best combination for comfort and durability. Hardcore Training rashguard moves with your body without restricting you and protects your skin against mat burn, chafing and the elements.

  • Hardcore Training sport wear brand highly creative and have prints with some special meaning. Compression shirt has been created to go on the journey with you. You can pare compression shirt with the same print fight shorts. So you can create a full set for your sport trainings.
  • High quality Rash Guard to offer you full flexibility, freedom, and protection during any special training. The premium fabric consists of 88% Polyester and 12% Spandex. BJJ compression rash guard for men has non-chaffing and 4 way stretch features. Ultra-tight to a perfect fit on your body allowing you to move freely and exercise any fighting move and pose.
  • Hardcore Training Compression Shirts Long Sleeve is suitable for all Sports Indoors and Outdoors; it will warm you before training and cool you during breaks. Rashguard is good for all martial arts trainings - Boxing, Muay Thai, BJJ No-Gi, Grappling, Sparring.