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Sport wear brand Hardcore Training glad to introduce new MMA set Sakura. Classic black style with classic Japanese symbols. In Japanese tradition Sakura has a strong meaning for fathers. No one in history personified this metaphor more than the samurai, the warriors of feudal Japan who lived by bushido -  a strict moral code of respect, honour and discipline. It was their duty to not only exemplify and preserve these virtues in life, but to appreciate the inevitability of death without fearing it — in battle, it came all too soon for the samurai.

Used lightweight but durable material.

There is an elastic insert in the crotch, as well as lateral incisions. These factors give the feeling of complete freedom when working in shorts.

They are tightly held on the belt thanks to the drawstring and the rubberized insert.

Designed for ground and stance work, mma, grappling, muay thai, crossfit training and hurdles.

Features: 100% Polyester.

Velcro closure system.

Elastic waistband.

Sublimated print.