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Hardcore Training Doodles Compression Pants Kids

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HIGHT QUALITY FABRIC: Polyester and spandex mix. Compression pants are made of tight and durable polyester that will worm you before training and cool you during breaks. MULTIPURPOSE FITNESS LEGGINGS FOR BOY: Perfect for all sport activities (boxing, running, fitness) UNUSUAL DESIGN: At Hardcore Training, we are highly creative and like prints with some special meaning. Design and made in Europe. SECOND SKIN FEELING: Comfortable Compression Spats that stay in place during any workout. Leggings offer great support and do not restrict movement! IDEAL COMPRESSION ACTIVEWEAR - Hardcore Training compression pants and athletic leggings are the perfect solution for all sporting activities and workouts. The tight, snug fit gives support to the entire lower half of your body. When wearing our running leggings or running tights, it's like having a circulatory pump in your thighs and glutes which will give you a performance boost during your workouts!