Hardcore Training

Hardcore Training Compression Pants Men's Cyber 2.0

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Slightly robotic, iron like your muscles, graceful like your dexterous movements. Wear it, rejoice, go for a record, but remember that any outcome ultimately depends on your hot heart and cold head.<br /> <br /> Made from breathable and elastic material.

Thanks to these properties, leggings: sit on the figure; will not lose their original shape; provide protection of the skin from the aggressive effects of mats (tatami) on it; dry quickly after washing; help to maintain optimal body temperature during training.

Fabric: 88% polyester 12% spandex light weight and durability. Skin Friendly. Compression pants are made of tight and durable polyester that will worm you before training and cool you during breaks.

Exclusive rubber bands (Limit product movements).Maximizes protection against cuts, scrapes, and rashes.

Elastic belt with a lace. Erasers inside the cuffs on the trouser legs for better adhesion to the skin.