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Gear Bag Hardcore Training Sport Backpack Graphite Blue Red Yellow

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Hardcore Training backpack available in 3 colours : blue, red, yellow. The backpack consists of one large compartment and isolated auxiliary pockets. Bag also has : sealed side pockets; soft inner pocket; large hidden compartment for laptop and shoulder straps.

You can use it as bag or as backpack. Multipurpose large-sized duffel great for hauling gear to the gym and team sports events or packing for travel and camping adventures.

Gear bag made of 100% Polyester. Measures of backpack : 58 х 39 х 33. Measures of bag : 88 х 39 х 33. Weight : 1.8 kg

You can use Hardcore Training gear bag as your fitness, gym bag. Because of the bag sizes you can keep any sport equipment what you need for your training. Or you also can. use it as travel bag or camping bag.