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Gear Bag Hardcore Training Sport Backpack Black Green

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Hardcore Training sport wear brand is glad to introduce new bag back for sport gear or traveling.

Hardcore Training versatile backpack available in two colours black and olive green. Bag comes complete with 2 different ways to carry dual haul handles, padded shoulder straps. Go easy on your shoulder with our extra wide padded strap so you can go further and enjoy your activity longer.

You can use it as bag or as backpack. Multipurpose large-sized duffel great for hauling gear to the gym and team sports events or packing for travel and camping adventures.

Gear bag made of 100% Polyester. Defender durable water repellent. Durable zipper closure. Measures : 78 х 50 х 40.

Hardcore Training gear bag have classic design. Grey colour with black or olive green elements and white logo. On the bag sides you will have different sizes pockets. So you can keep all you needed items.