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Hardcore Training T-Shirt Men's Die Hard

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Cotton T-Shirt good choice for your daily workouts. The breathable material keeps you dry and comfy.

  • High quality fabric. T-Shirt has been made from hight quality cotton – 92%, lycra – 8%. Breathable fabric dries quickly and helps keep you comfortable during your workout and fitness trainings.
  • T-Shirt have only sublimated print, for better durability. Hardcore Training is using only environmentally friendly paints. We guarantee that T-shirt for a long time will looking like new. Designed and Made in Europe.
  • T-Shirt is good for sport activities and daily life. Easy breathable, everyday wear this is what you will get from Hardcore Training. You can use T-Shirt at sport trainings, when you run or do your workout exercises. Hardcore Training T-Shirt have a casual style, so you can wear it at everyday life or you can use it as a home wear.
  • Hardcore Training it is always about unusual design. All our T-Shirts have exclusive and extraordinary prints. We are more than sure that your will find your special print at our stock! All T-Shirts Available in a variety of sizes and colours.