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Tatami Fightwear Kids Tropic Black Grappling Shorts

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  • Shorts are meticulously crafted with a finely stitched, athletic fit, using lightweight, stretchy and breathable polyester material.
  • The honeycomb lattice of the material will add strength to the clothing, and the waist features a high quality strap system for an optimum fit. Shorts are good for boxing, grappling, bjj, fitness and all sport trainings.
  • Anyone who has fought on the BJJ mat without a pair of protective shorts knows the pain of rashes, fabric burns, cuts and other irritations on the skin.
  • Size Guide: Size 56: 5 - 6 years, Size 78: 7 - 8 years, Size 911: 9 - 11 years, Size 1213: 12 - 13 years, Size 1415: 14 - 15 years.