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Артикул: VENUM-03596-108

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Superior moisture from perspiration is no match for Venum Dry Technology.
Sublimated impression in the fiber for a maximized durability.
Smooth and resistant fabric.
Compression technology improves blood circulation to the muscles and speeds up recovery time.
Ergonomic seams and elastic waistband for a perfect fit.

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The Venum NoGi 2.0 Spats brings you maximum support thanks to the Venum compression technology, which puts pressure on the muscles to improve blood circulation and therefore a better supply of Oxygen.

Its compression system reduces stress and fatigue and allows you to improve your recovery time during intense training sessions.
The Venum breathable insulation system wicks moisture to help keep you warm and dry during your training sessions.
This spats is the perfect outfit for JJB, MMA and cross training.

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Артикул (SKU) VENUM-03596-108
Бренд Venum

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