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Venum Elite Boxing Shorts - Urban Camo/Black - For Men

Артикул: VENUM-03452-220

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100% Polyester.
Mesh side vents for excellent breathability.
Stretch-belt up to 58 cm (with room for cup).
Embroidered logo on the front and back.
Venum logo on the drawstrings.
Venum logo on the mesh side panels.

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54,99 €
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54,99 €


The Venum Elite boxing shorts are made of high quality polyester to ensure lightness and durability. The material allows total freedom of movement and due to their reinforced seams, the shorts will have a long lifespan to accompany you in your training and fights. The wide stretch belt guarantees an excellent fit for the athlete. The shorts efficiently attach to the waist thanks to a drawstring design, and will keep up with your footwork without running the risk of slipping or riding up. On the aesthetic level, their appearance adapts to every style of fighter and will be suitable for all levels, beginners to professionals.

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Артикул (SKU) VENUM-03452-220
Бренд Venum

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