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Mouthguard Hardcore Training - Adults - Blue Green - Sports Mouth Guard - MMA Rugby Hockey Boxing Karate

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Our sports mouth guards gives you the best customized fit and the most superior impact resistance. Made to protect against impact, the rush mouthguard is perfect for football, basketball, boxing, wrestling, kickboxing, MMA, and all other contact sports.
Individual box packaged,keep the mouth guard clean,health, portable and organized.
Extraordinary design: Hardcore Training mouthguard has unusual design - blue Old Good Boxing style, light green Irish Fight Style, Camo Green Grenadier Style.
Easy to mold: The fitting process takes less than 3 minutes.
Unlike some plastic mouth guards which could be toxic and bulky, this clear silicone mouthguard is sturdy, Latex free.

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9,95 €

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9,95 €


Hardcore Training Mouthguard has developed especially for minimization of possible injuries of teeth, lips, gums and all jaw during blow. Good for all sports activities: basketball hockey, football, flag football, field hockey, rugby, martial arts, karate, MMA, boxing, BJJ, wrestling, or any other sport that requires dental protection against repeated violent physical contact. 100% SAFE MATERIALS. Made from EVA Rubber.

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Артикул (SKU) hctprburl05
Бренд Hardcore Training

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