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Kids Sport Training Shorts For Boy Hardcore Training Holmgang - Viking - Fitness Boxing Active

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Fabric - 100% polyester. The “sliding” material does not constrain the movements of the fighter.
Made with supreme durability, functionality and complete breathability.
Sublimated Print.
The lacing and elastic band, hidden in the inner part of the belt.
Care: machine wash cold, no bleach.

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39,99 €
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39,99 €


Why this Shorts has made for your kid?

COMFORT: Hardcore Training Shorts design and style has made for your comfort when you have your sport training.
We have design a special shorts with the perfect fit for any body type and size, offering you both freedom of movements and resistance in harsh conditions.

FUN AND EXTRAORDINARY PRINT: Fitness gear is all about quality and performance, but don’t forget to make a powerful stateement about your personality.
Your kid will be looking extraordinary at Hardcore Training Shorts!

Hardcore Training Shorts are perfect for any sport training such as boxing, fitness, running, crossfit, ext.

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Артикул (SKU) hctshorts069
Бренд Hardcore Training

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