Hardcore Training Ta moko Compression Pants Men's

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Fabric: Polyester + elastane light weight and durability. Skin Friendly. Compression Pants are made of tight and durable polyester that will worm you before training and cool you during breaks. Maximizes protection against cuts, scrapes, and rashes. Sublimated Print. The fabric is very soft to touch. Second skin feeling. Exclusive rubber bands (Limit product movements). Elastic belt with a lace. Erasers inside the cuffs on the trouser legs for better adhesion to the skin.

Why this Compression Pants has made for you?
Training for real contact sports is extremely tough and you need all the the help you can get. .
Hardcore Training Compression Pants are comfortable, allowing you to move freely and exercise any fighting move and pose. .
Hardcore Training Compression Pants Ta Moko has its own unusual design, so you will looking extraordinary at your sport trainings!
Tā moko is the permanent marking of the face and body as traditionally practised by Māori, the indigenous people of New Zealand. "

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