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Fairtex BGV6 Boxing Gloves - Sparring Muay Thai Fight Combat MMA

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Fairtex BGV6 Angular Sparring Gloves use an ergonomic design with three layers of foam padding around the knuckle area. As a result, these gloves offer optimal shock absorption on each strike. The contoured hand compartment and thumb design makes forming a fist effortless.

The extended cuff offers extra support to the wrist and forearm. These sparring gloves are designed to minimize wrist tension, while maximizing support and protection. The attached thumb design limits thumb injury to the wearer, and potential eye injury to the sparring partner.

Fairtex BGV6 Boxing Gloves are available in Red, Blue, Black and Yellow; in sizes 10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz, and 16 oz. Please note that colors available will vary based on stock.
Thai style boxing gloves are ideal for catching and blocking kicks, and for clinch training.

Fairtex generally uses more dense padding than other Muay Thai brands.

This is what makes their gloves known for a good “pop” on heavy bags and pads.

Fairtex continues to release special edition versions of their classic gloves, so you can keep the equipment you know and trust when grabbing a fresh pair.

Also known for their kick pads and banana bags, this brand is continually releasing new designs for sparring protection. They truly are “Engineered for Top Performance”.
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